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Falcons vs. Buccaneers 2015: A long and brutal series history

The Falcons lead the series by a single game, but they've dominated this series going back a decade.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Recent dominance, historic level ground. That's the Falcons-Buccaneers rivalry in a nutshell.

The Falcons lead the all-time series 22-21, and they've won 13 of the last 16 games against the Buccaneers, which is pretty astonishing. Before that, the Buccaneers were the big brother in the series,but that thankfully hasn't been the case in a good long while.

First Meeting: 1977, when the Falcons won 17-0
Last Meeting: Nov. 2014, Falcons won 27-17
Home/Road: Falcons 12-8 at home, 10-13 on the road
Series Point Totals:
Buccaneers 906, Falcons 863
Most Points in a Game: 56, Falcons
Playoff History: N/A

Just a season ago, that miserable 2014 Falcons team beat the stuffing out of the Bucs, putting a 56-14 beating on them and then winning 27-17 later in the season. That Buccaneers team was inarguably worse than the one they'll be putting on the field against Atlanta, but this Falcons team is inarguably better than the one Tampa Bay faced in 2014, so it all works out.

Atlanta sits at 6-1 and has a chance to put the knife in Tampa Bay's season with this one, so it's kind of a big divisional game. Just a few days away.