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The FalcFans podcast wraps up Titans-Falcons, looks ahead to Falcons-Bucs

A tough road win is followed by a home game against an NFC South opponent, and the podcast crew breaks it down.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The fanbase wasn't in an overly celebratory mood after the Falcons-Titans game, even though it was a win, and everyone's curious about the team's fate against the Buccaneers. Who better to break down both games than the cool-headed folks at the FalcFans podcast?

Join your hosts Aaron Freeman and Allen Strk as they run through a Titans review and Buccaneers preview, with plenty of time given to Nick Williams and his scrappy nature, Kyle Shanahan's play-calling, and whether Leonard Hankerson is underrated. Their special guest is our own The DW, who calmly and rationally dissects Matt Bryant's recent misses.

The team's other guest this week is Gene Thomas of Buc What You Heard, a podcast dedicated to the Buccaneers. He explains why Tampa Bay has been so lousy this season, and what his expectations are for Week 8.

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