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NFL Trade Deadline 2015: Don't expect the Falcons to be major players

The Atlanta Falcons are unlikely to make big moves before next week's deadline, or really any moves at all.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL trade deadline is a time of inflated dreams and half-baked trade suggestions, and most years, all of that frenzied thinking and talking brings about as much action as a Die Hard sequel built around the adventures of two sleepy sloths.

If you're thinking the Falcons might be active players at the deadline next Monday, I'm here to throw cold water on you, because I am a jerk. Also because there's no reason to believe the Falcons are going to make major moves, but still, I am a jerk.

Consider these truths.

  1. The Falcons are already down a 2016 draft pick, a product of trading for Andy Levitre and forfeiting a selection in the Decibacle brouhaha. They're not going to be particularly keen to trade away more picks, in other words, especially because everyone associated with this team is well aware they are not yet a finished product.
  2. Atlanta's got a ton of young players who haven't quite stepped up yet, but have room to grow and make an impact in the second half of the season. That includes Vic Beasley, Jalen Collins, Justin Hardy, Tevin Coleman, Grady Jarrett, or most of their rookie class. Brooks Reed is returning slowly from a groin injury, Matt Ryan is off, and the Falcons' schedule goes from easy to a little less easy. There's plenty of reason to believe this team hasn't played its best football.
  3. They're 6-1, and selling off veterans just isn't in the cards unless they can get back legitimate assets. There's been plenty of unwelcome buzz about the team moving Roddy White, but unless they're blown away by an offer, there's virtually no chance that will happen. This isn't a team in "sell" mode.
Given all that, I can't see the Falcons doing much at the deadline, and in fact I expect them to do nothing at all. This isn't a veteran team scrabbling madly for one last shot, and it's not a rebuilding team keen to pick up extra draft picks to add a new foundation. It's a team that is likely to stand pat, count on bigger contributions from its young players and traditional stars in the weeks ahead, and head into 2016 with plenty of promise and a fresh draft and free agency class. It's the right approach.