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Matt Ryan says he is healthy, but believes he needs to improve his accuracy

There are a lot of theories for why Atlanta's quarterback has been struggling. Ryan dismissed one of them.

Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Many have wondered if Matt Ryan has played poorly due to an undisclosed injury. His play has more or less nosedived the last three weeks, and an injury sure would explain why his passes have been so inaccurate.

Speaking to 680 the Fan, Ryan denied he is dealing with any injury.

So much for that theory. Then what is with the poor play?

At this point, Ryan could be a lot more accurate. Since that dominant game against the Houston Texans, Ryan has completed just above 61% of his passes, has more interceptions than touchdowns, and has not thrown for more than seven yards per attempt.

The wide receivers have not been helping Ryan, but the offensive line, the run game, and the defense have played surprisingly well. What could explain this poor stretch? Perhaps Kyle Shanahan is throwing too much at Ryan. Or maybe Ryan is thinking too much in the new scheme, similar to a player in their rookie year. Also possible is that Ryan is just having a bad stretch, just like both Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers had early in 2014. Or as a small but vocal number of fans would suggest, Ryan just is not a good quarterback.

That last one is a pretty terrible theory.

There is no doubt that Ryan has started missing passes. He has made those passes in prior seasons, and the timing in the pass game appears a bit off. I have to think the problem is remedied sooner rather than later, and we should see the passing game getting back to form in the next few weeks.