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Dan Quinn on Tell the Truth Monday

The Falcons are 6-1, but they have looked pretty lackluster over the past three games. Dan Quinn addressed those concerns today in his weekly Monday press conference.

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Message boards and Twitter have been abuzz with Falcons fans concerned about Atlanta's lackluster offense. Dan Quinn addressed those concerns in today's press conference, on what he called "Tell the Truth Monday."

"Tell the Truth Monday — a really important day for us with the whole team each week, getting right back to the truth of how we played," Quinn said. "One of the things for the team that we talked about today — our challenge is to find out what we can be, not settle for what we already are. I think that message resonates with me a lot, because we're always looking for a constant state of improvement.

Quinn and the rest of the coaching staff see need for improvement on both sides of the ball.

"For instance, defensively, we're just trying to improve our third down and how we can affect the quarterback more. In that way, we improved," Quinn said of his team's performance on Sunday.

One of the issues that has plagued the Falcons' offense of late is turnovers.

The defense has been pretty good, creating 12 turnovers through seven games, but the offense has given away the ball 10 times. That certainly is hindering the team's success, and Quinn says it's something the team will continue to work to improve.

"Our turnover margin certainly is one that we're going to continue to work on all the time," Quinn said. "So that constant state of improvement, each week, finding things to improve on and get better at, it's absolutely at the core of what we do, and that's no different today. That's why it's such an important message for the guys."

Much has been said about the offensive struggles. Matt Ryan doesn't look like himself. Julio's been dinged, and there have been a ton of drops.

What hasn't been acknowledged much is the negative impact penalties are having on the team's performance.

"We'll be at our best when we don't start some drives with some first-and-20s and some long ones. That can make it extremely tough to get going," Quinn said. "So for one, let's get rid of some of the penalties that started drives at first-and-20. It's so hard to convert when you get to that. We're at our best when we have the manageable third down that we like."

The team's red zone performance hasn't been ideal either, and seems to be declining as the season goes on. Quinn said that turnovers have been a factor here, as well.

"As far as the red zone, certainly when we're heading down there, it's touchdowns, not field goals, and I believe of our turnovers, I think four of the ten this year have occurred down in the red zone, so that's a factor for sure as well," Quinn said. "Areas of emphasis for us this week, and certainly an area we can get better at."

Quinn said that the team had one of their best weeks of practice last week, and said that they'll get right back at it again this week, focusing on continual improvement.

Quinn also provided an injury update on William Moore and Leonard Hankerson, saying they have a groin strain and a hamstring strain, respectively. Both Moore and Hankerson will miss Wednesday's practice, and we'll monitor their status throughout the week.

Your thoughts on Quinn's comments?