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Atlanta Falcons have 2nd most drops in NFL

Fans seem so upset after a loss that it feels as if the Falcons were blown out on Sunday. While we should celebrate, the team has been having some problems.

Watch Matt Ryan nae nae.
Watch Matt Ryan nae nae.
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

There is no question that the passing game has been struggling. We saw a glimpse of an elite pass game early this season. Things were glorious. However, nothing has been working the last three games. The Falcons are lucky to have made it out of that three game stretch with two wins.

Whether the problem has been the coaching or the personnel, one statistical category stands out regarding this passing offense: the Falcons are tied for the 2nd most drops in the league.

Our very own DW posted drop statistics Monday morning.

Pro Football Focus has Matt Ryan tied at 2nd with the most drops in the league. 21 drops. How is that in comparison to other quarterbacks? Sam Bradford leads the league with 25 passes dropped. The league average for starters seems to be in the Carson Palmer and Philip Rivers range, being 11 or 12 drops.

The drops have been trouble the last few weeks. Hankerson has struggled with the ball security, and Julio Jones has been missing some catches we are used to seeing him catch. In fact, Hankerson is tied for the most drops of any wide receiver in the league, with by far the fewest snaps. With Jones missing some easy catches and receiving added attention, the pass game has stalled out.

While dropped passes are only part of the problem with the pass game, having the 2nd most drops is not helping the Falcons get into an offensive rhythm.