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Roddy White: the Atlanta Falcons can't afford to sit back and lose the winnable games

Fact: Roddy White once punted a squirrel ... it thanked him

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver and resident Twitter addict Roddy White has had a statistically unimpressive season. He finally caught a touchdown pass last week, and it was glorious. But even with all the trade talk and Roddy-related head scratching, his fantastic leadership has never faltered.

Roddy talked to the media today about the importance of winning the winnable games. Seems straightforward enough. Credit to Vaughn McClure for the quote.

"I always tell the guys that we can't give away games," White said. "We can't give away games that we know we're supposed to win. We've got to stay on the ball. This is a week that you have to bring energy because of the fact that any kind of letdown, we could lose this game, and this is a team that we shouldn't lose against, especially if they don't have their starting quarterback (rookie Marcus Mariota, who suffered a knee sprain). We've got to ... go out there and play fast and physical, like we always do. And the outcome will take care of itself."

Roddy has never met a microphone he didn't like. But he's like a fine wine. As he ages, Roddy gets better, and his ramblings make more sense. Heck, sometimes they even inspire. He's telling his guys to take a step back and regroup. It's a calming presence they need. Atta boy, Roddy. Atta boy.