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Mike Person Should Play Against Titans, Justin Durant Making Progress

It's welcome news, and addresses two of the Falcons' biggest problem areas versus the Saints last Thursday.

The Falcons' offensive line just doesn't look quite the same without miraculously effective center Mike Person in the lineup, and the linebacker corps is more stable when Justin Durant is roaming the field. Thankfully, it's looking good for both to return Sunday against the Titans.

Let's start with Person, who is a virtual lock to return. He went from relatively low-impact free agent signing to starting center and has been good-to-great in the middle of this line, and while James Stone blocked well in his absence, his woes snapping the football were a legitimate problem. It's good to see Person return.

If Durant does return, he may not play his full complement of snaps, but would presumably push Joplo Bartu off the field when he's on. He's an upgrade, either way, and is at least competent enough in coverage that he should help the Falcons suck less when Tennessee targets their tight ends and running backs.

Right now, with Julio Jones also seemingly healthy, this team is fairly injury-free. That's great news for Atlanta, and bad news for Tennessee.