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Falcons dominating league statistics

The Falcons were probably just a few fumbles away from being undefeated, but they are still dominating league statistics.

A wild Dan Quinn shows dominance in his natural habitat.
A wild Dan Quinn shows dominance in his natural habitat.
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The loss to the New Orleans Saints hurt, but it has caused a lot of fans to become disillusioned with the Atlanta Falcons. Statistically, the team is dominant... when not looking at their sack statistics.

How do the Falcons measure up?

1st in Run Defense

The Falcons are allowing the fewest rushing yards per game as any team in the league. This is an impressive turnaround after last season.

2nd Most Rushing Yards for a Running Back

Even though Devonta Freeman was a backup in his first two games, and was taken out of the Texans game early, he has the second most rushing yards in the entire league. He is also pretty good catching the ball.

2nd Most Receiving Yards for a Wide Receiver

Even though Julio Jones has been struggling with a hamstring injury, he still has the second most receiving yards in the league.

2nd in Time of Possession

Thanks to Atlanta's impressive run game, they have absolutely dominated the time of possession.

3rd Most Passing Yards for a Quarterback

Is Matt Ryan good? He has the third most passing yards in the league in conjunction with a strong run game.

3rd Most Points per Game

The Atlanta Falcons are better than 29 other teams at scoring points. I'm no statisticologist, but that sounds good.

4th in Overall Rushing

Even though the Falcons run game has struggled at times, it has produced more yards than all but three teams.

4th in Most Yards Gained

Most teams just cannot produce like the Falcons.

4th in Number of First Downs

This is getting a little repetitive. Our offense is good.

5th in Penalty Yards

Dan Quinn's team is unusually good at avoiding penalties. The team has had a few, but has been penalized the fifth fewest yards.

2015 Outlook

The Falcons are still improving, and may need another offseason to fully address the pass rush and a few other weak spots on the roster. No team is in the league is in the top five of every statistic, and we are seeing some struggles that every other team in the league has to deal with.

One fluky loss should not define this team. The Falcons are simply too good for that.