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Falcons-Titans series history: A remarkably even, sparse rivalry

With just 13 games played, the Falcons and Titans have matched up well over the years.

Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons and Tennessee Titans have a long history, but only 13 actual games between them since they first met in 1972. What stands out when you pore through that history is just how even the lifetime series has been.

The Titans (and Oilers, in the golden days of the franchise's history) lead Atlanta 7-6 in the all-time series, though the Falcons have outscored them 321-306 over those 13 games. While they lost the last game the two teams played in 2011 by a score of 23-17, the Titans had won five in a row before that, with their previous loss to Atlanta coming all the way back in 1990.

Of course, that's ancient history for the two teams in 2015, and the Falcons are 5-1 and have mostly played quality football this season, while the Titans are 1-4 and just got blown off the field by the Miami Dolphins. You don't play these games on paper unless you're some sort of NFL/Dungeons & Dragons hybrid enthusiast, so we'll wait to see the outcome before we get too puffed up about the matchup. The Falcons do have an excellent opportunity to even the all-time series here, however.

Let's hope the team can take advantage. Any fond memories of this series?