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NFL power rankings week 7: Atlanta Falcons slip following loss to division rival New Orleans Saints

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Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons endured a disappointing loss to their biggest rival last week. It was hard to watch. And in the days since, the detractors have suddenly emerged en masse. Critics are calling the 5-0 start a farce, wondering aloud whether the Falcons were overestimated. It's a predictable response, one that can only be silenced by wins. For now, we're left with the various power rankings.

SB Nation: #8

The Falcons lost their first game of the year in a division matchup with the Saints, while the Chiefs and Ravens continued their downward spiral with depressing losses of their own.

Pro Football Talk: #8

The only good news from Thursday night is there likely won't be another Falcons punter immortalized by a statue outside the Superdome.

USA Today: #7

The Vikings and Panthers (twice) are the only teams left on their schedule currently sporting a winning record.

Yahoo Sports: #7

One road loss on a Thursday night doesn't undo everything they built in the first five games. But it was a little concerning. On a better note: Devonta Freeman, wow.

ESPN: #7

The Falcons need to get off to better starts. They've trailed entering the fourth quarter in four of their six games and can't expect a comeback every week.

CBS Sports: #7

Was that a reality check for the Falcons? Were they really as good as the 5-0 start?

To be frank, I'd probably rank the Falcons 7th or 8th right now, and I'm an enormous homer. Until they learn to get ahead early, it's going to be a perpetual uphill battle. That said, there's nothing particularly unfair about about these rankings.

Your thoughts?