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Falcons news quick hits: Beasley, Freeman, Shananhan, and more

Are you being bombarded with optimistic articles about the Falcons?

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So are we. From local beat reporters to national media, people are writing great things about the Atlanta Falcons. So much so, that it is easy to miss some of the great coverage on your favorite team.

We rounded up some of our favorites, and no, it did not include this excruciatingly unfunny ESPN video.

Andrew Hirsh of the Atlanta Falcons mother ship talked to OC Kyle Shanahan about life, love, stress and setbacks strength of the offense and managing Julio Jones' snaps. This interview may have the most interesting comments about fullbacks in history.

How good has Shanahan been in turning around the previously mediocre Falcons offense? Tom Pelissero of USA Today Sports thinks that Shananhan will be a hot name for head coaching positions in the offseason. Shanahan's scheme has effectively improved a weak offensive line, powered through injuries at running back, tight end, and covered up inconsistent wide receiver play outside of Julio Jones.

Lets hope Shanahan will stick it out in Atlanta for a few years.

Jenny Vrentas of Sports Illustrated talked to Vic Beasley, the impressive rookie that has shined in every aspect of the game. Beasley talked about his best skill (speed, obviously), and things he is trying to improve. Additionally, it sounds as if every article and interview will mention Dan Quinn. Beasley had this to say about our bald savior.

He’s a winner. He just wants the team to play hard. It’s like you are playing for your brother. We’re all family here, and we just want to play hard for each other, just as if you worked for an individual in your immediate family. He challenges the players, challenges us to compete, and go that extra mile.

The combination of Beasley and Quinn feels like it could be special.

Speaking of Beasley, Around the League has Beasley in their top three for rookie of the year. He is just a bit short of Marcus Mariota and Amari Cooper.

Through three weeks, Beasley looks as quick off the edge as any pass rusher in the NFL. There will be several double-digit sack campaigns in his future -- perhaps as soon as this season.

It has been awhile since Atlanta has had a double digit sack artist. I'd like that streak to end before the playoffs.

Devonta Freeman talked to ESPN's Vaughn McClure, and he is certainly saying all the right things. Freeman says he is dedicated to winning, as well as improving his craft. He sounds to still be adjusting to the speed of the game a little bit, but you would not notice it on the field.

Julio Jones is dealing with some nagging injuries, according to Jeanna Thomas of the Falcoholic (my favorite site), but should be fine for Sunday.

Good football player J.J. Watt praises OT Jake Matthews, and NFL writer Conor Orr called Matthews one of the best tackles in the league this season.

A lot of great news coming out about the Falcons. Enjoy this sweet, sweet undefeated period.