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Julio Jones injury update sounds encouraging

ESPN put together an injury update on Atlanta's star player.

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

With Julio Jones struggling with a hamstring and unspecified toe injury, the Atlanta Falcons offense has struggled as well. If Julio can't dismantle double teams, the best remaining pass catchers are Devonta Freeman and Jacob Tamme.

Lucky for the Atlanta Falcons, Julio Jones told ESPN that his balky hamstring is improving. Additionally, his mystery toe issue is nothing to worry about. Vaughn McClure had the scoop.

Jones provided a little more clarity about his injuries. He's experienced tightness and soreness in his right hamstring since the season opener against Philadelphia. Then he developed a blister on an unspecified toe on his left foot.

Many were concerned Jones may have turf toe, but a blister is nothing to worry about. Hamstring problems can be tricky, but Jones sounds optimistic the added rest on a long week will do wonders for the injury.

"For me, personally, it's going to be great," Jones said. "I've been battling this hamstring. But I'm good, though. I feel better than I did last week. Even after the [Saints] game, I feel really good. Everything I can do, rest-wise, can help."

Jones has not missed many snaps, but he has missed a few catches in recent weeks. The hope is the long week and additional rest will get Julio back to his dominant self. He has more than one week before he plays against the Tennessee Titans. Fans want to see a healthy Julio getting the offense back to their early season form.