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Atlanta Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints post-game injury report: Julio getting better?

Fact: Julio Jones is contemplating a presidential run in 2020

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Last night's game was difficult to watch. From the New Orleans Saints re-creating the Steve Gleason punt block turned touchdown to the sudden frequency with which Matt Ryan was pressured, it was ugly. Plain and simple. But from an injury standpoint, the Atlanta Falcons lucked out. They emerged relatively unscathed. Let's break it down.

William Moore injured his right hand late in the game. Kemal Ishmael replaced him but he came back in He was seen exiting the stadium with a bag of ice on his hand. Apparently he played through whatever it was. I'm just glad it's his hand and not the shoulder issue that plagued him last season resurfacing.

Julio Jones looked significantly less hobbled by his hamstring injury. Maybe he's used to the pain or maybe he's actually getting healthier. In any case, it's good to see him trending in the right direction.

And ... that's about it. From an injury standpoint, not much to report. Generally speaking, that's a good thing. Your thoughts?