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Dan Quinn: No "pitch count" for Julio Jones, who will probably destroy the Saints

The last part couldn't be confirmed with sources, but you get the picture.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

All week, there was uncertainty about Julio Jones playing. When we finally learned he would play, we thought he'd likely see his snaps reduced in an effort to keep his balky hamstring from acting up.

No sir, says Dan Quinn. Per ProFootballTalk:

Falcons coach Dan Quinn sent a different message on Thursday. Tracy Wolfson of CBS Sports reports that Quinn told her that Jones will not be limited during the game and added that the wide receiver feels better than he did last week.

It's still possible Julio will not see as many snaps as usual, given the injury, or that Quinn is just bluffing. If Julio is feeling better, though, he's going to eat until he's full against a Saints secondary that has had little success in stopping opposing passing games thus far in 2015. After a couple weeks where he didn't quite wreak his usual brand of havoc, we could improbably see Julio back to his world-destroying form.

Hopefully I'm not being overly optimistic.