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Podcast: Previewing the Falcons-Saints game and Hate Week with Robert Mays of Grantland

Tune in for a preview and an interesting interviews this week on the FalcFans podcast.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons play the Saints tonight, and since we hate the Saints an appropriate amount, it's only appropriate we celebrate their 1-4 record and try to understand how they got to this lowly stage.

This week, join your hosts Aaron Freeman of FalcFans fame and The Falcoholic's own Allen Strk as they discuss the Falcons and Saints game tonight, and are joined by a raft of special guests. You'll begin with Robert Mays of Grantland, a sharp football mind who breaks down the statistical revolution in the NFL, why the Saints are as bad as their record suggests they are, and how the 5-0 Falcons stack up against the rest of the NFL.

After that, you'll hear Greg Gibson of Saints Revolution sharing his take on the team's fortunes, and whether the rivalry is as meaningful this year with the huge gap between the two teams.

Finally, if you missed the live show featuring The Falcoholic contributor and DBN Fanatics editor Nate Butler, you can catch it right here. Put your headphones on and enjoy!

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