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Predict the score of Falcons vs. Saints, and check out The Falcoholic's picks

You can join us this week in predicting the score of Falcons-Saints, an NFC South battle worth watching.

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One of the fun things about this season is that you've all been predicting wins like the bunch of homers you are...and the Falcons keep delivering. Let's keep the good times rolling this week.

Use The Crowd's Line widget below to share your prediction, then check out our staff picks right below that. Surprise: We think the Falcons are going to beat the Saints, to a person.

Caleb Rutherford

Falcons 31, Saints 24

So I was flat-out wrong about the Redskins game, however for all the things I didn't know about the ‘Skins, I know them all about the Saints. The Saints have been a living, breathing disaster all year long, with their only victory coming against the Dallas PR Fire last week. No doubt the Saints will summon up their best performance of the year so far to ruin our perfect season in their house, and while I think their effort will be valiant, it simply won't be enough. These games always make me nervous, but the Saints won't be able to hang with us.

Dave Choate

Falcons 28, Saints 24

The 2015 Saints are a sad, hollowed-out shell of a once-great team, which delights me to no end. These games somehow find a way to be close no matter how good or lousy both teams may be, and I expect that will be the case here. The Falcons are simply better, ugly performance against Washington notwithstanding, and I expect Atlanta to win.

Jake Bennett

Falcons 28, Saints 27

Simply put, the Falcons are a much better team than the New Orleans Saints. Aside from last week, the Falcons have no difficulty passing the ball, and the rushing attack is among the best in the league. However, the Saints always give us always a close match, and you can bet that they're going to do everything in their power to give Atlanta their first loss of the season (see Week 10, 2012). I expect Atlanta to win, but it's going to take their best to remain undefeated.

The DW

Falcons 27, Saints 24

Here's the thing: You can throw out all the records, stats and momentum. When it comes to this game, it always seems to be hard-fought and a close battle. I expect the same on Thursday. Ultimately, I think the truly "tough" Falcons pull one out on the road and net their first division win. It won't be easy - it never is - but the Falcons are a more talented and driven team right now.

Allen Strk

Falcons 27, Saints 20

Due to Julio Jones not being 100 percent, Atlanta won't score at will against New Orleans' below average defense. Devonta Freeman will likely be depended on once again. That shouldn't be an issue based on him running all over the second ranked run defense in Washington. Divisional games tend to be competitive, regardless of the talent discrepancy. New Orleans realizes that their season is already on life support. A loss here will leave them six games below Atlanta (include the tie-breaker). They will come out inspired, but eventually far short due to a lack of receivers and issues within the entire defense.

Matt Chambers

Falcons 27, Saints 13

As a diehard Falcons fan, I can never predict the Saints to win, be competitive, or not cheat their way to a Super Bowl*. As proof that the universe dispenses karma, the Falcons are great and the Saints are terrible. The Falcons are finding many different ways to win games, while the Saints are finding new ways to lose games. I fully expect that trend to continue through Thursday night's game.

Kendall Jackson

Falcons 28, Saints 20

I had to mull this game over for a bit. Remember: A bad Saints team ended the Falcons' undefeated season in 2012. However, these Falcons are different and they've proven they don't have any quit in them. New Orleans is hilariously bad, and Atlanta should come away with the win even if Julio Jones sits out. Devonta Freeman is licking his chops as he prepares to face the league's 30th ranked run defense.

Steven Godfrey

Falcons 84, Saints 0

Some coaches bemoan the NFL's new Thursday Night agreement forcing teams into short weeks, but Dan Quinn should be able to rest Julio Jones for 10 days starting midway in the first quarter. Short of a bye week you can't ask for a better rehab. It's also possible that Trufant could bore easily of the end zone high step after a third pick six on the road. There's a certain heritage with a #21 high stepping, but if he's looking to change things up might I recommend recreating an actual New Orleans second line? Since most fans in the Superdome drive in from Birmingham or Jackson. It would be educational, since most of them will be Cowboys or Packers fans in another month.