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Atlanta Falcons part owner, former running back Warrick Dunn impressed with Devonta Freeman

Fact: Devonta Freeman's official 40 time is whotheheckcares

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons alumnus Warrick Dunn knows a thing or two about how to succeed in the NFL. As a running back, he overcame his relatively small stature, relying instead of quickness, patience, and sheer determination. That sounds a lot like current Falcons running back Devonta Freeman, if you ask me.

Freeman ran for his eight rushing touchdown of the season against the Washington Redskins yesterday. In Tevin Coleman's absence and following his return yesterday, Freeman has exceeded all expectations. In short, he's in the zone. For what it's worth, Dunn likes what he sees. Credit to Vaughn McClure for the quote.

"Yesterday, he displayed that he was patient," Dunn said of Freeman, who ran for a career-high 153 yards and one touchdown on 27 carries. "He didn't try to force anything. He really took what the defense gave him. It wasn't always big plays. You can tell it wasn't that pressure of 'I need to make that run now.' Sometimes, as runners, we press because you think, 'I'm not going to touch the ball anymore.' He was running much more patient and calm, and he was definitely attacking. ... He showed some physicality, too."

Again, Dunn knows how this is supposed to look. For him to publicly compliment Freeman, it means something. Let's just hope Coleman gets up to speed in the near future, making this already formidable rushing attack even scarier.

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