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Falcons 3, Washington 7: Second half tracker and lamentation thread

That was not a fun first half.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons have been riding high, and after last week's dominant performance against the Texans, I expected the team to similarly exert their will against a Washington team that is missing a number of key players and has Kirk Cousins under center. Things are not going the way I'd hoped.

Two turnovers, lots of drops, missed tackles and myriad other issues have plagued the team throughout the first half. Matt Ryan looks off. Julio Jones doesn't seem to be himself. Leonard Hankerson left the game with a rib injury, which doesn't help when Julio's been so shaky. Matt Bryant even missed a kick. This is such a weird game, and I am not enjoying it.

We all prefer to watch performances like last week's, but let's not forget that in the first three weeks of the season, the team had to battle through adversity to pull off wins. Expect adjustments and renewed focus after the half.

There's plenty to discuss, so weigh in and vent in the comments and use this thread to discuss the rest of the game.