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Julio Jones injury: WR will play, Adam Schefter reports hamstring issue "concern to Falcons"

The Falcons are reportedly concerned about Julio's hamstring, but the report is light on specifics.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

This is not how I wanted to start my Sunday morning

As is always the case with Twitter reporting, there's not enough detail here to determine how much we should be worrying. If the Falcons are a little concerned that Julio's hamstring is tight, they can probably manage his snaps this week against the Redskins and Saints and manage his practice reps to try to improve that situation. If they're concerned this is going to be a long-term concern, or the hamstring could worse significantly, then we're correspondingly quite concerned ourselves.

The fact that Julio is preparing to play suggests it's not serious, but Jay Glazer suggests he'll need to test the hammy before the game.

Keep a close eye on Julio's status. I expect him to play and have a productive game, but if the hamstring is any kind of concern, he won't get more than half of the team's snaps. It goes without saying that the offense isn't as stellar without him in it, but if he's unable to go, Kyle Shanahan will get a chance to burnish that genius label that's being slapped on his early tenure in Atlanta.