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Falcons-Washington final score prediction roundtable from The Falcoholic

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Caleb Rutherford

Falcons 31 - Redskins 14

As far as trap games are concerned, I was worried the Texans would provide us a stiffer challenge than they actually did. In my eyes, the Redskins are merely "Houston Texans Jr." with a slightly inferior defense, similar desires to run the ball (unsuccessfully), and a quarterback that'll either throw 3 TDs or 3 INTs but not both. Even the WR talent is similar, though I'll take Hopkins over anything the Redskins have to offer. The Falcons had three morale-launching come from behind wins and still put the stomp on a Texans team that could have easily snuck up on us. What does the team from D.C. have that would scare us more than anything Houston had? Not much, if anything.

The DW

Falcons 28 - Washington 10

There are many that are looking at this as a potential trap game because of the upcoming Thursday night game against the Saints. I don't think Quinn and company succumb to the trap. Washington has a pretty good running game, but I think the Falcons will focus on shutting it down and challenging Cousins to pass on them - which is a recipe for success. While Washington has a pretty good defensive front, the same was said last week about the Texans. As long as Atlanta sticks to the same game plan they've been executing, this should be another win.

Kendall Jackson

Falcons 31, Nationals 13

I hope no one notices I've predicted the same score for three consecutive games. Kirk Cousins has lost the last five of his six career road starts. In those games, he's tossed nine touchdowns to 10 interceptions, and it's hard to think he'll find any success against a revamped Atlanta defense in the Georgia Dome. Statistically, Washington has fielded one the league's best defenses through four games, but they've yet to face an offense with Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and Devonta Freeman. The Falcons should move to 5-0 rather easily this Sunday.

Dave Choate

Falcons 31, Redskins 24

Washington is a better team than Houston, sure, but this game is in the Georgia Dome, Julio Jones and Devonta Freeman have run roughshod over entire armies, and the Falcons' defense can handle this. Narrow win, maybe, but a Falcons win.

Jason Kirk

Falcons 10,000, R******s 5

Wale has multiple fine songs, but at no point in human history would he have cracked even the top 25 of Atlanta rappers. The only thing that is especially good about Washington, D.C. is that there is a Shake Shack a block from SB Nation's office. Nothing else is as terrible as the Washington pro football club is at every facet of existence, of course, but nothing else is very good. The animal museum is pretty good, though.

Jake Bennett

Falcons 37, Redskins 17

Alright, the Falcons are looking legit. They've won the nail-biters, and have obliterated a team to boot. Washington is the next victim in Atlanta's path, and are the only thing keeping the dirty birds from becoming 5-0 in front of the home crowd. Kirk Cousins is inconsistent and the defense has been as well. I don't think it'll be quite as easy as last week's blowout, but Washington doesn't show much for me to think Atlanta slows down here. The Falcons remain undefeated and life is finally good.

Alex Welch

Falcons 34, Washingtonians 17

The Falcons are soaring high. They're flying above the competition. They've risen up. They're migrating towards the top of the NFL. I think I'm out of bird analogies. Also Washington isn't that good.

Charles McDonald

Falcons 33, Washington 10

The team in Washington is strong in the trenches, but pretty weak everywhere else on the team. If the Falcons can stop the run and force Kirk Cousins to keep up with Matt Ryan and Julio Jones, it should be a pretty easy win for the Dirty Birds.

Matt Chambers

Falcons 42, Washington 9

After extensive analysis, I have determined that the Atlanta Falcons are good. I have also determined that Washington is not good. Atlanta has the clear edge here. Washington is likely the worst team Atlanta has played all year, and Kyle Shanahan likely has a few things saved in his playbook for his old team. This is usually where I break down the quality players Atlanta will face, but there aren't any. Washington is terrible.

Jeanna Thomas

Falcons 38, Wizards 17

The Falcons are good, and Dan Snyder is Washington's owner, and Dan Snyder doesn't deserve to win anything. Washington is pretty stout against the run, but you know what? So was Dallas, and Texas has a pretty stout defensive front, and Devonta Freeman ran all over them. Also, the Falcons have Julio Jones. The Washington team might put up a fight but...LOL, they probably won't. The Falcons are about to be 5-0. Get excited.