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Predict the final score of Falcons-Texans, a Week 4 battle in the Georgia Dome

The 3-0 Atlanta Falcons host the 1-2 Houston Texans. Who will emerge victorious?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons are gunning for 4-0, and we'd like to know whether you think they'll get there against the Texans this week.

As has become a cherished weekly tradition around here, we will roast marshmallows over the Saints defensive backs predict the outcome of the game using The Crowd's Line, a pretty cool tool that allows us to stack our collective predictions against those of our friends at Battle Red Blog. They're also keeping track of our predictions all year long, so we can brag about them and/or recoil in horror after Week 17.

Myself? I've got the Falcons rolling to a 27-17 victory here, which is an unusually aggressive score prediction for me. I just don't really believe in Houston's offense minus Arian Foster, and I believe the Falcons' offense can do enough to pull out the victory against an admittedly tough Texans' defense. The key will be to not let Houston get out to a sizeable lead, because their defense can make teams pay if they become one-dimensional.

Share your prediction using the widget, and then talk about it in the comments below.