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Falcons-Texans odds: Atlanta favored again against Houston, this time by more than a touchdown

It's good to see the Falcons getting their due from Vegas, isn't it?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons are 3-0, the good vibes are rolling in, and everyone's feeling good about Atlanta's chances right now. It's no surprise that they're favored against the Houston Texans, who have had an up-and-down season thus far.

SB Nation's odds page has the skinny minus Bovada, which was not available at the time I wrote this.

This makes sense when you consider the context of this game. Houston lost its first two games against the Panthers and Chiefs, albeit by a score apiece, and managed a largely unimpressive 19-9 win over Tampa Bay last week. The defense is still filled with talent and they can run, but they're limited at quarterback, and on the other side of the ball they haven't been quite as dominant as we're used to seeing. Throw in the fact that the Falcons do look improved and are playing this game at home in the Georgia Dome, and it's easy to see why Atlanta's favored heading into Week 4.

We'll see if the line moves at all from here, but we're now entering a new and exciting era where the Falcons are favored purely on the merit of their team, not a series of injuries to a once stalwart opponent. I welcome it.