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Falcons Delay Todd Bowles, Teryl Austin Interviews

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Due to the passing of Falcons owner Arthur Blank's mother, the team has delayed interviews with some top coaching candidates.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

A quick coaching search update, if you are wondering why there have not been any updates in what seems like months. The search is being delayed a few days after the passing of Mr. Blank's mother.

The Falcoholic staff sends their thoughts and prayers to Arthur Blank at this time. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution had some nice things to say about Blank's mother, who lived until 99.

Blank’s father passed away when he was just 15. In speeches, he talks about his mother instilling the entrepreneurial spirit in him. She had no business experience, but refused to sell the pharmaceutical company that her husband left behind. She turned the business into a million-dollar business, showing a drive that she passed on to Blank.

The team looks to jump back into interviewing tomorrow and should get to their second round of coaching interviews by next week.