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Keep playing fantasy football with FanDuel, get 100% deposit bonus

Click here to get a 100% deposit bonus onFanDuel

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Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation will host a FanDuel league for the divisional round of the playoffs, one that should entice you with the promise of money and glory. You can enter for just $5, and the winner will take home $100, with $1,000 in total prizes available.

You're just picking a one-week fantasy team from the remaining pool of players around for the divisional round. That means you'll want to target players who have juicy matchups (Marshawn Lynch, for example) and try to ride them to victory. You're given a set amount of cash and each players is valued differently, so you can't just pick the standouts at each position, you cheaters. You should note that taking Panthers players is punishable by slow head shaking.

Head to this FanDuel link to participate, and good luck to you. Remember that there's only 220 spots available, so it'll pay to sign up as soon as possible.