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Falcons Fans Petition Arthur Blank To Fire Probable GM Thomas Dimitroff

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As some of the more vocal readers can relate, fans are calling for the "still here now but maybe not for long" general manager Thomas Dimitroff.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Falcons are in a state of flux. They fired their coach of seven years. Well, I guess that is about it, but the future of the Atlanta Falcons is unclear. Will Arthur Blank end up firing general manager Thomas Dimitroff, who is still reportedly on the hot seat?

Some fans want Dimitroff gone, and put the blame of the state of the franchise on Dimitroff. While some have used to support veterans, prevent unlawful imprisonment, and curb animal abuse, others have made the similarly selfless move to call for Dimitroff to be fired.

Because of the direction of the team and the detrimental turn it has taken in the past two seasons, we believe that firing the head coach is not a broad enough change in the organization to "right the ship". If new leadership is truly the direction that the Atlanta Falcons are going to take, then Thomas Dimitroff should be fired (released from contract) as well. His personnel decision have, in addition to Mike Smith poor and problematic coaching, led to our underperforming in the league and our mediocre standing.

Right the ship? Are we the Buccaneers?

More important, this petition fails to mention the two biggest knocks on Dimitroff.

  1. The Sam Baker Contract
  2. The Tyson Jackson Signing
Oh man, both of those were so bad. So very bad. Otherwise, the recent drafting has shown some good promise. Free agency has been a struggle, but I am not sold on Dimitroff being the reason the team has underperformed the last few years.

Like Arthur Blank, I am not sure if Dimitroff should stay or go. What are your thoughts? And do you plan on signing off on the petition?