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Rex Ryan Tops Poll Results For Preferred Falcons Head Coach

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He's followed by Arizona defensive coordinator Todd Bowles.

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The Atlanta Falcons are going to hire a new head coach, and unfortunately none of us will be in the room when Arthur Blank shakes the hand of Joe McHeadcoach and welcomes him to the family. We'll have to settle for making our voices heard via The Falcoholic's fancy polling device, I suppose.

With over 5,000 votes tallied, we have the results of said poll, and they heavily favor one Rex Ryan.

Falcoholic Head Coach Poll

Lest you think Falcoholics were leaning toward the candidate with the most name recognition—which admittedly Rex Ryan is—the second-most familiar candidate was Josh McDaniels, and he received just 7% of the total vote. Todd Bowles received a strong 25% of the vote, while Seattle's Dan Quinn was the only other candidate to receive double digits.

What these results indicate to me is that most of you agreed with The DW, who posted last week that the Falcons need a defensive-minded head coach. Ryan is likely the clubhouse leader based on a combination of his outsized personality, defensive acumen and previous head coach experience with the Jets, though I can't read your minds, guys.

What are your thoughts on the results of this poll?