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Matt Bryant named Pro Football Focus' All Pro field goal kicker, the masses rejoice

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Fact: Matt Bryant invented stuffed crust pizza

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Atlanta Falcons kicker Matt Bryant earned a couple of fitting nicknames this season. Some call him Money Matt, while others call him Mr. Dependable. No matter what you call him, one thing is clear: he's the freaking man.

We've known what a gem Bryant is for some time, but this year he's earned some league-wide recognition. And this week he was named Pro Football Focus' All Pro field goal kicker. It's a well-deserved honor, basically indicating he was the best kicker in the NFL this season. He's a guy looking for a new contract, but he shouldn't have much trouble getting one.

In 2014, Bryant only missed 3 kicks, all attempts over 50 yards. He knocked down 8 field goals over 40 yards. He hit over 90 percent of his attempts. In short, he kicked butt and took names.

If the Falcons can't find a roster spot for Bryant next season, then Flowery Branch might have to accommodate a protester or two. Bryant's contract was a $3.3 million cap hit in 2014. A similar contract in 2015 would represent the 7th highest cap hit among kickers. The highest 2015 cap hit among kickers right now belongs to Josh Scobee at almost $4.4 million. In other words, Bryant is worth every penny. Now pay the man.