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Keith Armstrong Interviews For Falcons Head Coaching Job

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The Falcons interview their long-time special teams coordinator for the head coaching vacancy.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons added a surprise candidate to their list of interviews for the vacant head coaching gig, and this one happens to be a familiar name.

Armstrong has been the Falcons' special teams coordinator since 2008, coming on board after spending 2001-2007 with the Dolphins and 1997-2000 with the Chicago Bears. During that long, distinguished stretch, Armstrong has been one of the most effective ST coordinators in the NFL, and his name has come up in head coaching searches for other teams.

While he has obvious ties to Mike Smith, Armstrong is known as an excellent motivator and provider of legendary Hard Knocks sound clips, and he's respected for his game planning acumen. It's a leap up from special teams coordinator to head coach, but no less so from offense or defense, and Armstrong is already deeply familiar with both this roster and this football operations group, which is a leg up on all of the other candidates the Falcons have interviewed.

I don't anticipate the team will hire Armstrong, who lacks the big name allure that Arthur Blank and his front office seem to be looking for. Despite that, I'd view him as a strong choice for the job, and I'm glad the Falcons are at least considering him for an opportunity he's pretty clearly qualified for.

Your thoughts on Armstrong?