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2015 Falcons Draft Profile: Vic Beasley

Beasley is a fan favorite among Falcons fans, and for good reason.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Prospect: DE/OLB Vic Beasley, Clemson

Height/Weight: 6'3", 235lbs

Projected Round: 1st, Top 20

This is a draft profile I couldn't wait to do. Vic Beasley is a phenomenal prospect from Clemson who has established himself as one of the premiere pass rushers in the NCAA for the last several years. Sitting at No.8, the Falcons will most likely have the opportunity to get one of the top three pass rusher in Randy Gregory (who's profile is coming soon), Shane Ray, or Beasley.


A master of speed, technique, and leverage, Beasley is easily one of the Falcons' top targets in the 2015 Draft. Unlike Shane Ray, Beasley is battle-tested and has been racking up the stats for a little bit longer than most of the pass rushers in this year's class. 2012 was his first year as a key starter, and the senior has had over 8 sacks a year since then.

Beasley's burst is exactly what you want in an NFL pass rusher. Not only does he begin the play on the right note, but he follows up with excellent hand placement and bend. It looks too easy; almost natural.

I'd rather not use two separate examples from the same game, but Beasley's performance in this one was incredible. He absolutely dismantles Florida State's Cameron Erving, who is an outstanding NFL prospect in his own right. Watch as it takes the Clemson Tiger less than three seconds to get to the quarterback on third down. I know, right? A third down stop? What is that?

Like all great pass rushers, not only does Beasley win his individual battles, but he wins his doubles as well. He is so disruptive at times that it takes more than two people to contain him. That is an offensive coordinators worst nightmare, and something defensive coordinators wish they could work with.


Similar to Ray, Vic could use a couple of inches and some weight to be considered ideal size. His frame can frequently help powerful lineman block him out of run plays entirely. His speed and technique helps him tremendously in the passing game, but he needs to get better at shedding blocks and setting the edge when he gets to the NFL. Other than that, Beasley is one hell of a player.


Atlanta would be a great fit for Vic both schematically and geographically. He best projects to the NFL as a 3-4 pass rushing OLB, which would be great if Atlanta plans to actually show some 3-4 looks. But that's a complaint for a different article.

Since he worked primarily out of a 4-3 in college, he could be used there as well, but his frame needs about 20 more pounds. The Falcons' number one need this offseason is pass rush, and Vic is an incredible talent to fill that need.