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Report: Dimitroff, Pioli Want Josh McDaniels For Falcons Head Coach

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If you were wondering if Thomas Dimitroff and Scott Pioli wanted to get fired by their new head coach or if they wanted to keep their jobs, CBS can confirm the latter is true.

This man has somehow succeeded with Tom Brady.
This man has somehow succeeded with Tom Brady.
Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Yesterday we saw the news that Arthur Blank may allow the new head coach, whoever that may be, to make the final decision on the current front office. Now, Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reports that Thomas Dimitroff and Scott Pioli would like Arthur Blank to hire the guy who would probably not decide to make both of them jobless.

Yes, Josh McDaniels may be getting another shot.

According to multiple league sources, McDaniels' candidacy has been championed by general manager Thomas Dimitroff and his top assistant, Scott Pioli, both of whom worked with McDaniels in New England. Owner Arthur Blank, peppered with questions about the future of his front office during his press conference announcing the firing of coach Mike Smith, did not entirely rule out making other changes, and sources said the fate of Dimitroff and Pioli could be directly linked to how this coaching search proceeds.

Is this the man that will finally bring Tim Tebow offensive success to Atlanta? McDaniels is an interesting potential hire, and short of Rex Ryan, has the longest résumé of the current head coaching candidates. After flaming out in Denver, McDaniels eventually returned to New England and has successfully run multiple different offensive schemes depending on the talent.

However, it is a little alarming to see the front office may be pushing for the best candidate for their job security, and not the best candidate for the team. At the same level, Arthur Blank has put many in the organization in such an awkward position that they are essentially forced to push for McDaniels, regardless of how interviews proceed.

This is nowhere close to how championship teams are typically built, but McDaniels may very well be the best fit for the team.

Also important as far the head coaching search goes, La Canfora drops this nugget. Sounds like young defensive coordinators may be high on the list, but Todd Bowles defense looked overmatched yesterday against a team that he would have to play twice a year if he got the head coaching spot.

The Falcons are also interviewing Rex Ryan for the head coaching candidacy -- his big persona and defensive swagger are very intriguing to Blank, sources said. The Falcons have very strong internal reports on two candidates they have been unable to talk to as of yet due to their participation in the wild card round -- Arizona defensive coordinator Todd Bowles and Detroit defensive coordinator Teryl Austin.