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Analysts: Atlanta Has The Top Head Coach Vacancy

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The Falcons position should be the most enticing vacancy available, thanks to a talented roster, ample Waffle Houses and year round sandal weather.

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While some idiots twitter analysts have suggested the Atlanta Falcons have a roster devoid of talent, former NFL scouts and coaches disagree. In fact, many are calling the Atlanta Falcons head coaching position the top open spot this offseason, despite other teams such as the San Francisco 49ers and Chicago Bears also in the market for new head coaches.

That is right. We are the most popular kid in the whole high school.

While some professional trolls writers have been critical of Matt Ryan, our quarterback is one of the top reasons Atlanta  is a premier spot for a head coach.

Former head coach Brian Billick talks up the Atlanta spot as the best vacancy, even though his brother-in-law failed to win in that position the last two years.

Judging by which team has the best QB, Atlanta's clearly the top job -- Matt Ryan is the finest quarterback among those whose teams are hiring head coaches. He has a career completion rate of 64 percent and a 2:1 touchdown-to-interception ratio. Although free agency will affect the profile of this offense, the skill positions are abundant with Julio Jones, Roddy White, Harry Douglas, Devin Hester and Devonta Freeman.

Weird, he did not even badmouth... no wait.

The downside to this job is the defense. It's devoid of talent, which somehow got the head coach (Mike Smith) -- as opposed to the general manager (Thomas Dimitroff) -- fired. But alas, my coaching bias is showing ... Beyond the cornerbacks, who show potential, Kroy Biermann might be Atlanta's best defensive player, and I'm not sure he could start for another team in the NFL. Not to mention, he's set to be a free agent this offseason.

Sure, coaching bias. Also you see that fired coach every Christmas.

Former NFL scout Daniel Jeremiah came to the same conclusion. About where the Falcons job stacks up, not Thomas Dimitroff's job performance.

The Falcons have figured out some of the more important positions. Matt Ryan is hitting the prime years of a quarterback's career. Julio Jones is one of the top wide receivers in the league. Desmond Trufant has been one of the best cornerbacks in the league the last two years. Jake Matthews looks to be the answer at left tackle.

The roster has some young talent and impressive players to build around, even if those players did not get a lot of playing time the last few years.

Next, Arthur Blank has shown a stunning level of patience with his coaches. Mike Smith had two full seasons of terrible performances before he was finally fired. He was given ample opportunity to turn things around. Other openings include the Oakland Raiders, who fire head coaches like it is their job, and the 49ers, who forced out one of the winningest coaches of recent history.

Thomas Dimitroff has had his mistakes, but has amassed far more talent than otherwise available with the New York Jets or the Raiders. If the Falcons can hire a coach who can get on the same page as Dimitroff, there is little reason to doubt the team could return to winning the NFC South.

The new head coach would also likely open the new stadium, which at it's current pace will cost upwards of $17 billion.

Realistically, it is pretty rare for head coaching jobs to open up with this talented of a team. Nearly any coach can turn in a winning team with a quarterback of Matt Ryan's talent level, so they are rarely fired. Rex Ryan is available predominately because he never had a quarterback.

I think coaching the Atlanta Falcons has the easiest and most direct route for a new coach to win, and football analysts agree.