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Report: Falcons to announce Dan Quinn as next head coach on Tuesday

The Seahawks defensive coordinator has been the inevitable choice for weeks, and this is as close to concrete as we'll get.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Per Pro Football Talk, the Falcons plan to make Dan Quinn's hiring official on Tuesday.

This is the most concrete indication yet that the Falcons are hiring Quinn, but that move has felt inevitable for weeks. Quinn is the most attractive candidate left on the open market—look at those piercing eyes!—and the Falcons are the only team remaining with a vacancy. They also have either hired or been linked to a nearly complete set of coordinators and assistant coaches, which was a strong indication that they had their candidate lined up. We only have to wait a few more days for the Falcons to make it official.

Quinn spent the last two seasons with the Seahawks, will be coordinating the defense tomorrow night in the Super Bowl and should bring an aggressive, potent scheme to a team in desperate need of a defensive overhaul. All that remains now is an offseason of roster moves and a few more key hires, including a new offensive line coach. We'll hope he can bring real success to Atlanta starting on Tuesday.