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Morten Andersen was excluded from the 2015 Hall of Fame class

The Falcons' legendary kicker will have to wait another year for possible inclusion in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Morten Andersen was remarkable for his longevity and his steely calm in big moments, none bigger than his game-winning kick in the 1998 NFC Championship Game for the Falcons. That and his success compared to his kicking peers is enough to justify his enshrinement in Canton.

There are currently just three kickers in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and the last one enshrined was Jan Stenerud in 1991. Anderson's eight seasons in Atlanta didn't represent his longest tenure—that unfortunately was the 13 years he spent with the hated Saints—but that one kick alone is reason enough for Falcons fans to claim him, and to be sorry for his exclusion.

Anderson doesn't have eye-popping numbers by today's standard, with a career 79.7% field goal percentage. His early career skewed those numbers negatively, however, and he did last 25 years in the NFL. That's one hell of an accomplishment.

We'll keep our fingers crossed for 2015.