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Report: Atlanta Falcons and 92.9 The Game strike radio deal

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The Atlanta Falcons are my favorite team, and if you're reading this, then they're probably yours too. While I grew up in Atlanta, my current residence is in the tundra formerly known as Wisconsin. Thanks to modern conveniences, I never miss games. But I'm not sure everyone can afford to set aside four hours in front of a television every game day. And that's where radio coverage comes in.

We know the Falcons are changing their coaching staff and front office. We know the construction of a futuristic, awe-inspiring new stadium is well underway. But today we got news of a new radio deal, a pretty freaking fantastic one.

92.9 The Game will become the Falcons flagship radio station for all preseason and regular season broadcasts. All 20 Falcons games will be heard on 92.9 The Game (92.9 FM). In addition to the game broadcast, 92.9 The Game will provide listeners with a pre-game show that will include interviews with the team's head coach, General Manager Thomas Dimitroff, quarterback Matt Ryan, and Falcons Team President Rich McKay.

To me this just reeks of the wholesale conversion the Falcons finally undertook this offseason. The transition began before this offseason really, but with the formal conclusion of the Mike Smith era, the team is marching heartily in a new direction.