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As the Atlanta Falcons look to improve their linebacker corps, where does Paul Worrilow fit in?

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Fact: Paul Worrilow invested in a cereal called Running Backs, just so he could eat it for breakfast

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons linebacker Paul Worrilow has his name called a lot. He was named a captain by his teammates, and he racks up tackles like ... well, like it's his job. He's filled a role the Falcons have asked him to fill. But right or wrong, opinions are mixed about his ability. Per Reid Ferrin, Worrilow will spend this off-season focusing on getting better.

Worrilow hit the weights and tightened up his nutrition after his rookie campaign, leading to an improved season in 2014. He finished year two in the league with 16 starts, again leading the team in tackles (143) and added three pass breakups, two sacks and two forced fumbles.

I would respectfully disagree with Ferrin's assessment. While Worrilow did improve in 2014, he's still not a starter-quality linebacker. His 2014 Pro Football Focus rating was 59/60 ILBs, rating negatively in 10/16 games. He rated positively in only 3 games, with his best game coming against Tampa Bay in week 3. He's really the perfect example of why tackle totals aren't an accurate indication of a player's contributions.

All that said, Worrilow could very well contribute to the Falcons going forward. They may just need to ask a little less of him. Specifically, they need to keep him out of coverage, because it's by far his biggest weakness. Also, it's worth considering that he's only a second year guy. With a bit more seasoning his deficiencies may be less apparent.

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