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New Falcons stadium photos show progress at site

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The new, as-of-yet unnamed stadium will open its doors (and roof) in 2017.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Falcons have a bunch of new aerial shots of the stadium, which you can find at the mothership. Judging solely from those shots, the project is moving along at a brisk clip.

Given that additional costs that have cropped up along the way, I have no doubt Arthur Blank wants this thing done well before the Falcons officially open it up for the 2017 season. Along with the space-age roof, the new stadium has a 100 yard bar that runs the length of the field, which will certainly be my first stop when I make my sojourn to Atlanta.

The timetable for the new stadium is also the timetable for Dan Quinn and the front office, in many ways. If the Falcons can return to contention by 2017, they'll undoubtedly be standing under the vaguely ominous spiral roof of the new stadium. Should they stumble badly over the next two seasons....well, it'd be rash to make major changes after two years, but Blank is going to want a winner occupying that fresh space. There's a little urgency to the rebuild job, in other words.

That's all in the future, though. For now, enjoy some of the new shots of the stadium, and let us know what you think of it.