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Dan Quinn, Falcons coach could be finalized by Monday

A quick reminder on the timeline for the Falcons' likely hire.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Short of Arthur Blank parading around Flowery Branch with a boombox held triumphantly over his head, singing along with the ear-splitting and catchy tune of "Mighty Quinn" by Manfred Mann, the Falcons have done just about everything they possibly could to make it clear that Dan Quinn will be the next coach of the team. I have no problem with that.

Because we effectively know that Quinn is the hire and most of his coaching staff has already been assembled, there's little for the team to do but get him officially under contract, introduce him to media and fans via a press conference and have him build the rest of his staff. From there, of course, he'll be tasked with the turnaround of an entire franchise, specifically the increasingly anemic defense, which needs a little love in the same way the limp Christmas tree Charlie Brown procured once did.

With all that in mind, I thought it would be helpful to remind you all about the timetable for Quinn's hire. He can effectively become the new Falcons coach immediately after the Super Bowl, but logistically, the earliest he'll manage to land in Atlanta and put his signature on the presumably fancy contract will be Monday morning. That puts his official introduction somewhere in the Monday-to-Tuesday range, with a press conference early-to-mid-week. Again, I  don't expect the timetable to slow down for any reason, so you can anticipate Quinn as the new coach by Wednesday of next week, at the very latest.

To bide the time, I suggest you watch how Quinn's defense fares against a potent Patriots offense in the Super Bowl, and try to guess which players will still be around to take part in what we're all hoping is a true defensive revival under Quinn and his cohorts, which will include Raheem Morris and Richard Smith as passing game and run game coordinators, respectively. After that, it's a barren wasteland until free agency opens up in March, after all.

Are you prepared for Quinn?