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Reports: Raheem Morris is Assistant Head Coach and Pass DC, and Richard Smith Run DC

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Another coaching update for a coachless team: we have defensive coordinators.

If USA Today image search is correct, this is Richard Smith.
If USA Today image search is correct, this is Richard Smith.
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

I would like to imagine the Falcons brain trust and Dan Quinn using Snapchat to build up the coaching staff prior to being able to "legally" hire him. Or maybe Quinn sends a package of coach photographs to Flowery Branch, rerouting through Yemen first, of course, with no incriminating hand writing. Or an elaborate series of smoke signals from 2,500 miles away.

Regardless, the staff is being not so silently put together. It seems every day we get a new name entering the mix. Ian Rapoport has today's update.

Co-coordinators? This is not like cowbell, you can not just add more and have it be better!

Morris will likely be ticketed in a passing game coordinator position, along with the assistant head coach spot, per Albert Breer's breaking news.

I have never heard of this sort of setup, but I have to imagine that Quinn will be running the defensive play calling himself, making Morris basically an assistant defensive coordinator.

This is the first mention of Richard Smith, the Denver Broncos linebacker coach. Smith has a long line of experience, and a couple of unimpressive defensive coordinating stints. Smith was the Dolphins DC when Quinn was a defensive line coach.

Smith is an interesting candidate as a linebackers coach, and sensible pick for run defensive coordinator, if that is indeed a position that exists. He has spent most of his professional career working with linebackers, a position the Falcons have either lacked any real talent, or failed to properly utilize the available talent, or a mixture of both. The one confusing thing the staff could do would be to make Smith the run defense coordinator.

With reports that Pete Carroll will allow Quinn to take one coach, similar to Bruce Arians allowing Todd Bowles to take one coach to New York, it seemed much more likely the defensive coordinator would be a current Seahawks assistant. Maybe Quinn is having trouble dragging away a coordinator from the Seahawks, who seem to win Super Bowls at will.

It may sound odd, but at the very least, this is not Mike Smith's coaching staff.

Try to piece together all this information in the comments, because I am confused.