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Where should the Falcons focus their free agent dollars?

The Falcons can address needs in multiple ways this offseason. How will they spend their free agent dollars?

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons will have a few million bucks to play around with this offseason. The question is, where will they spend it?

The answer seems obvious. The Falcons desperately need a pass rushing boost, the Seahawks had some luck with acquiring a pair of them (Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett) out of free agency, and the market could feature Justin Houston, Jerry Hughes, Brandon Graham and others. Getting at least a complementary piece would be an excellent use of money for these Falcons, and chances are they'll be able to manage that with their $20-plus million in cap space.

The Falcons could also elect to bring aboard a zone blocking-friendly lineman, a free agent cornerback, and a running back, tight end or wide receiver to give the offense one final push. Given their dollars, though, they'll really only have room for one blockbuster signing and a Julio Jones extension before they need to fill out the roster.

With those options on the table, where should the Falcons focus their free agent spending? Sound off, if you would.