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Report: Raheem Morris is Dan Quinn's likely choice for defensive coordinator

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Fact: Raheem Morris was a vegan for 45 minutes during his early 20s

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The Falcons have been linked to Raheem Morris quite a bit in the past couple of days. Initially there was speculation that he'd lateral to the Falcons and serve as their defensive backs coach under secondary coach Tim Lewis. Then there was speculation that he'd be the new defensive coordinator, given that he interviewed for two DC jobs already this off-season.

Well now it appears he's on the fast track to becoming our next defensive coordinator. If rapper extraordinaire Washington Post writer Mike Jones knows his stuff, then Morris may already have the job.

Morris is scheduled to interview with the Falcons some time this week for a hybrid assistant-defensive coordinator position under new Coach Dan Quinn, two sources said. But another person familiar with the plans said that meeting is basically a formality.

Quinn [...] is expected to continue to call the defensive plays as head coach in Atlanta. But Morris will have a senior assistant position that will feature more responsibilities than defensive backs, according to the person, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he wasn't authorized to speak for the parties involved.

That sounds like a done deal to me, but not everyone agrees.

I'll say this, Jones is awfully specific about Morris' likely role. Based on that alone, I have a hard time believing his sources aren't solid. For those of you that were uncertain about Morris, even as the DBs coach, this may be unwelcome news. That said, the fact that we're talking about a hybrid role for Morris should bring some consolation. There's no doubt Quinn will run the defense, no matter who gets the DC job.

We should get some clarity on this in the days ahead. Your thoughts?