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Report: Seahawks DB Coach Kris Richard Likely a Falcons Defensive Coordinator Candidate

Lets just call today "Falcons Defensive Coordinator Saturday" because everyone is getting linked to the open position. Please reply in the comments if you have been named a potential candidate for the Falcons defensive coordinator position.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It felt like only this morning that Raheem Morris was the favorite for the Atlanta Falcons defensive coordinator vacancy. Now Pro Football Talk throws in a new contender for the job.

Per a league source, Richard currently is expected to become a defensive coordinator after the Super Bowl — either by joining Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn in Atlanta or by taking Quinn’s position after he becomes head coach of the Falcons.

I imagine that Richard will be a much more popular name than Morris. While Morris is considered one of the best defensive backs coaches in the league, Richard was instrumental in turning a poor group of defensive backs into likely the best and most intimidating secondary in the league.

Big name free agents? Nope. Top picks? Just one first round selection in Earl Thomas.

Richard would also help bring in a fuller group of the impressive Seahawks coaching tree, hopefully turning around a defense that was schemed around frustrating fans and Kroy Biermann playing as many snaps as humanly possible. Richard, a former USC cornerback, was drafted in the 3rd round of the 2002 draft and bounced around the league for about five years. He only has three years of coaching experience, at any level, but his results cannot be overlooked.

Raheem, on the other hand, has failed to make similar improvements with defensive back units, and most notably, spectacularly flamed out as the Tampa Bay head coach. He remains a quality coach, but has not managed to coach up untalented players.

With actual news linking coaches to the open position, we have attached a poll asking who you want in Atlanta. The winner will become the next Falcons defensive coordinator will have the most votes.