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Raheem Morris Granted Request to Interview with Falcons - Potential Defensive Coordinator?

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After a few days of reported interest, the Falcons have requested, and been granted, permission to interview Washington Redskins defensive backs coach Raheem Morris.

Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

The mastermind behind the Tampa Bay Buccaneers storied "Youngry" defense may be coming to Atlanta. Per multiple reports, Morris is interviewing for the team with no head coach. Houston rapper Mike Jones had the scoop.

Since not much happens on Saturdays, the news travels quickly. Within only a few minutes, that interview request was granted.

With the Falcons having apparently retained secondary coach Tim Lewis, Raheem Morris is an odd interview choice. Through his career, Morris has been predominately a defensive backs coach, minus his brief stint as Tampa's head coach. While he has never been a defensive coordinator, he has interviewed for the job with the New York Giants and Washington Redskins this offseason.

There is some speculation that Morris may end up as the Atlanta Falcons defensive coordinator, perhaps running Dan Quinn's scheme and supplementing Quinn's defensive line pedigree with his own defensive back background.

Again, this is only speculation, but it seems unlikely that Morris would be willing to leave his current defensive backs job for a similar, or even smaller, role with another team. Perhaps Washington's new defensive coordinator supports firing Morris and hiring one of his own coaches, but if so, odds are good that Morris would already be gone.

The odds seem good that the Falcons defense is about to get a whole lot youngrier.

Edit: Hat tip to wiesengrund in the comments for pointing out this tweet.

Is Tim Lewis on the outs or is Morris taking a lesser job in Atlanta? Based on the team's prior hiring, we should find out pretty soon.