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Could Raheem Morris be the Atlanta Falcons' next defensive backs coach?

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Fact: Raheem Morris has a personal relationship with Ronald McDonald

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons' coaching staff is slowly but surely taking shape. There are still some holes, but fear not, they'll be filled sooner rather than later. One such vacancy affects our defensive backs. As of now, the Falcons don't have a defensive backs coach. Oh no!

Joe Danna was the Falcons' defensive backs coach for the past three seasons. He's now joining Todd Bowles' staff with the New York Jets. And with Danna out the door, the Falcons may have a familiar name in mind to replace him.

Raheem Morris is a guy we all know pretty well. He was with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 2007-2011, the latter two years as head coach. He's a fiery guy and a proven defensive mind. As a DB coach, you could do far worse. He's currently with the Washington Redskins as their DBs coach.

If there's a knock on Morris, it's the 2014 Redskins defense. They were laughably bad against the pass, arguably the worst in the league. According to Football Outsiders, they were 28.9 percent less efficient than league average against the pass, dead last in the NFL. And it wasn't due to porous run defense, because they were 14.1 percent more efficient than league average against the rush, 9th best in the league. How much of that can you put on Morris? Not sure, though it certainly doesn't rule him out.

The Redskins do appear to be very attached to Morris, so much so they may have forgone a DC candidate just to keep him around. But if he's reaching out to the Falcons, you'd think he's willing to move on.

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