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Sound Advice For Likely New Falcons Coach Dan Quinn

Chris Trapasso at CBS Sports has three pieces of advice for Dan Quinn, and while they're not groundbreaking, they're smart.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Trapasso at CBS Sports is a good guy and a fine football writer, so his advice to Dan Quinn is predictably useful.

Quinn is going to get a ton of advice in the months ahead, and he's going to have to craft a public persona that he'll wear during his (hopefully long, successful) years in Atlanta. Trapasso's initial advice to "talk tough" is sound from a couple of perspectives, those being that 1) it will quickly endear him to the fanbase, which took issue to Mike Smith's generic soft-pedaling despite its complete lack of an impact on the product on the field and 2) it will help him get what he wants and needs to build this team.

Though the front office is going to ultimately be responsible for building this roster, Quinn's two years in Seattle have revealed a knack for getting talent into the right places. That means that he'll want to be involved in the drafting process—though probably not the scouting—and he's likely going to want to remake the front seven, given its glaring weaknesses. The offensive line is less of a concern if everyone can return intact, but if Kyle Shanahan wants to install a zone-blocking scheme up front, Quinn and Shanny will need to be vocal about acquiring pieces that fit.

The third piece of advice is to create a cozy relationship with Julio Jones and encourage him to stay around. If Quinn can't figure that one out instantly, I'll be concerned about him.

Go give the whole article a read. What advice would you give Quinn?