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2015 Super Bowl: Picks and predictions for Patriots-Seahawks

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With Super Bowl XLIX approaching, The Falcoholic breaks down a few predictions for the big game.

Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

The Patriots and Seahawks will meet for Super Bowl XLIX, a potentially thrilling game that will carry a whiff of scandal thanks to Ballghazi. Here are my predictions for that game.


Let's take these on bullet-style, for those who are too busy to read my usual brand of rambling.

  • Tom Brady will be held under 300 yards and will throw at least one costly interception.
  • Jonas Gray and LaGarette Blount will combine for just over 100 yards on the ground.
  • Richard Sherman will have an interception and will ask Tom Brady, again, if he's mad.
  • Russell Wilson will have a mediocre game, putting up a couple of touchdowns and a couple of turnovers. He will sob hysterically at the end of the game.
  • Marshawn Lynch will be dominant, with at least two scores and over 100 yards. He will also be named the Super Bowl MVP, if there's any justice.
  • Dan Quinn's tenure with Seattle ends on a high note, with the Patriots scoring most of their points when the Seahawks have a double digit lead they will not relinquish.

The Pick

In the end, the Seahawks' unreal defensive talent should tip the scales in their favor. The Patriots will deflate, to borrow a timely and hilarious joke.

Final Score: Seahawks 27, Patriots 21

Share your predictions with us in the comments.