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Introducing The Newest Falcoholic Writer, Allen Strk

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Warm welcomes are in order.

Editor's Note: We're proud to welcome Allen Strk to The Falcoholic team! Learn more about him below.

Allen Strk

As someone who lives in New York City, many would believe I support a New York team. Most people that live in New York are passionate about supporting their local team. They may assume that I'm solely behind the two-time Super Bowl champion Eli Manning and the Giants. It can also be considered that I'm a long-time suffering Jets fan. Neither of those teams ever caught onto me. The whole supporting a local team slogan never applied.

When I was four years old sitting in my inflatable Goldfish chair, one team connected with me. They wore black jerseys and did some bizarre dance. This team also made my brother the Vikings fan an emotional wreck. Seeing Gary Anderson miss the infamous field goal amused me.

I made my first real connection with the Falcons in 1998. Although they were soundly defeated by the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl, the team really caught onto me. I've always been somewhat of an outsider growing up. That may come from my brother, who was a Vikings and Miami Heat fan. If you followed basketball closely, Miami and New York were in an intense rivalry in the late 1990's. My brother was a proud outsider that stood by his childhood hero Alonzo Mourning. That resonated with me and I chose to root for the Heat as well. The Vikings never quite connected with me, as the Falcons being more successful was appealing to me.

The late 1990's and early 2000's was a blur to me, which I'm sure all Falcon fans can understand. It wasn't until the Michael Vick experience had fully arrived that I remember it clearly, and 2003 was the first season that I followed every game closely. Following the games on and their slow game tracker was the best way for me to follow the team. The highlights would be uploaded by the end of the night, at least, and even if I hate to wait six hours, it was the most enjoyable part of my Sundays. Through Vick's unlimited arsenal and Patrick Kerney leading a productive pass rush, that team was a joy to watch.

My friends started to understand why I was a fan of the Falcons. Vick was a massive superstar, while the New York teams had dull pocket passers like Chad Pennington and Kerry Collins. Whether it was from being the first team to beat Green Bay at Lambeau Field in the playoffs or running for over 300 yards against St. Louis, the Falcons were becoming popular. Eventually the popularity declined, when Vick was diminishing as a quarterback and the team had increasingly disappointed in 2005-2006. Sympathy became the theme in 2007 through the infamous Bobby Petrino era. Sundays became a dark day to watch the Falcons having to rely on journeyman quarterbacks.

Thankfully, the Mike Smith regime began (don't forget his success) and Matt Ryan started to develop into a stellar quarterback. Michael Turner was running like an absolute bully and John Abraham was becoming my hero. It was a great time to be a fan, which led to me actually purchasing the package to watch these particular games. The days of following NFL game-trackers were long gone. At 17 years old, it was time to start watching games closely and not relying on comments through various websites for proper analysis.

The incredible 2010 season was my first season of watching games live. My Sundays consisted of watching the Falcons play and being a part of the chat room. It was the first Falcons forum that I found online. Aaron Freeman was an excellent manager of the site by putting together a fun environment for die-hard Falcon fans to communicate in. We would be mostly celebrating on Sundays, as the team went 13-3 that season. Even though the season ended in a disturbing manner against Green Bay, it was a memorable one.

That led to me starting up my own blog on BlogSpot called the Personification of Innovation (horrible name, don't remind me). It was a strange time in my life going through freshman year of college and partying excessively. After writing a 200-page autobiography about my high school experience in May of 2011, it seemed like a fitting time to start my own blog.

Eventually, I had an opportunity in July of 2012 to write for a website called TJR Sports on about football and mixed martial arts. My good friend John Canton gave me an opportunity to write for his site. John is one of the most talented and popular writers covering professional wrestling at TJR Wrestling. He knew how strong my knowledge of football and mixed martial arts were through our conversations, and I'll forever appreciate John for giving me an opportunity to make a name for myself.

My focus was directed towards football and mixed martial arts. From August of 2012 to now, those sports have been my main writing objectives. I've dabbled into some basketball and soccer for my friends at MMA has been a joy to cover throughout the past few years on MMA Sucka. I'll forever be thankful to have interviewed the likes of Junior Dos Santos, Dominick Cruz, Johny Hendricks, and a few other fighters. My last writing job came in September of 2013, when I went to Pro Football Spot to cover the Falcons. It was the best way for me to attract more of a following and not be writing about the same stories in the NFL. I'd focus on covering the team that I'm watching on a weekly basis. The miserable 2013 season was the first season that I covered as a writer.

The last website that I'm thankful to be a part of is actually FalcFans. Aaron Freeman was always a good friend of mine. After he had a falling out with his old co-host, I wanted to help revitalize his podcast. That move ended up being successful and increasingly popular among Falcons fans on the Internet over the last two years. Aaron and I like to analyze players and break down games specifically. There isn't any sugar coating of players, which shouldn't come as a surprise if you follow Aaron's work. Some podcasts like to repeatedly say that their opinions aren't filtered. There is no need for us to repeatedly say that because we truly do it, and will continue to do it.

I'm very grateful to be joining the writing staff for The Falcoholic. It's great to see that the Falcfans podcast, which I co-host, will be coming over to this website. (Editor's Note: More details to follow.) As a 21 year-old living in New York City, it's incredible to be writing for the premier site of Atlanta Falcons news. It has been a wild eleven years in following this team closely. I've managed to spend $270 dollars to watch them score two points in a playoff game. On a brighter note, it was unbelievable to be on NFL Network for 20 seconds during the 2013 NFL Draft. The goofy tall man in the Julio Jones jersey will never forget that moment.

I'll also never forget this moment joining The Falcoholic, and look forward to being with this website for years to come.