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Face it, promoting Wade Harman to offensive line coach just makes sense

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Fact: Wade Harman once trained a bald eagle to sit, stay, and roll over

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The Atlanta Falcons weren't able to retain Mike Tice during the coaching transition. The news that Tice was joining Jack Del Rio in Oakland was certainly disappointing. But this is the NFL, and people move on. We now know that Terry Robiskie, Bryan Cox, and Keith Armstrong will return as assistants. We also know that Kyle Shanahan will likely be Quinn's pick for offensive coordinator. In short, the coaching staff is taking shape. And as for replacing Tice, there's already a great internal option.

Offensive line coach Mike Tice also bolted for the Oakland Raiders after the Falcons attempted to block him from leaving the staff. It will be interesting to see how the team proceeds with assistant offensive line coach Wade Harman, who probably would be a capable replacement for Tice and a guy who has familiarity with the current group of offensive linemen.

Harman's claim to fame is his knack for coaching up great tight ends. He was an assistant with the Ravens from 1999-2013, coaching up Shannon Sharpe, Todd Heap, and Dennis Pitta. He won two Super Bowls with the Ravens, so he knows what a successful team looks like.

By all accounts, Harman and Tice were co-actors this past season. Given that five offensive linemen ended up on injured reserve, Harman has certainly faced adversity. Tice gets a ton a credit for holding that unit together in 2014, but Harman's contributions shouldn't be overlooked. The players that he's coached rave about his humility, positivity, and results-oriented approach. He's old school, much like Tice, minus the awkward sense of humor.

He seems a damn good option to me. Your thoughts?

EDIT: Several posts have raised the possibility that Shanahan's preference for a zone blocking scheme could disqualify Harman. For what it's worth, the Ravens implemented a zone blocking scheme in 2008 after John Harbaugh was hired. So if that's what Shanahan wants, Harman isn't totally unfamiliar with the concept. Moreover, the Falcons' existing personnel is a bit of a mixed bag, and some would transition to zone blocking better than others. If you're Lamar Holmes or Gabe Carimi, a zone blocking scheme may keep you awake at night. That may mean a complete conversion isn't practical, at least not immediately.