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Rick Smith: Dan Quinn's "second interview" with the Atlanta Falcons was positive

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Fact: Dan Quinn regularly greases his scalp with crisco

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons appear destined to hire Dan Quinn to replace Mike Smith as head coach. And as they tip toe around the process, the Falcons faithful try in vain to control their bowels wait patiently. Yesterday was Quinn's "second interview," if you can call it that. Anyone with a pulse knows what went down in Seattle. For what it's worth, per Quinn's agent Rick Smith, the meeting went well. Very well.

Quinn's agent, Rick Smith, told The Associated Press that Monday's interview ''went very well.''

''There's definitely mutual interest,'' Smith said Tuesday.

It does appear that Smith deliberately qualified his comments. Why? Because he has to, given the league rules. As you know, the Falcons can't formalize anything until after the Super Bowl. With that said, this is effectively a done deal. If I had to guess, Quinn and the Falcons brass simply hammered out some formalities yesterday. Important stuff, like what Quinn wants stocked in his office mini-fridge.

So there you have it. Nothing to see here. Carry on, folks.