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Dan Quinn's Seattle Defenses Have Been Unreal, Atlanta's Have Not

The Seahawks have been far-and-away the best defense in the NFL for the better part of the last three seasons.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

This chart from Football Perspective will make your heart sing a joyous song, but it will simultaneously make you quite sad for what's happened in Atlanta the last couple of years.

The Seahawks are so much better than everyone else on the list that it's not even funny. That little dot at the very top, indicating the most yards allowed from 2012-2014? That's our boys. Oof.

Yes, I know Dan Quinn hasn't been responsible for all three years, and that he has an enormous amount of talent at his disposal. That takes away nothing, given that he's still commanded the defense for two of those years, the unit is better than it ever was under Gus Bradley and Quinn's quietly developed some relatively anonymous players into key contributors. In other words, it's not all circumstance, and that's enough to make you optimistic for Quinn's arrival.

Given how the Falcons defense has functioned in recent years, and the fact that Quinn is the odds-on favorite for the Atlanta job, I figured you would all like to see this. Now speculate widely about how he might remake this defense into something sexier.